WELCOME to M.L.Thornton Enterprises, Inc. Home Page
WELCOME to M.L.Thornton Enterprises, Inc. Home Page
Business Opportunity:
Area Distributor Information: Just for Your information, you might know someone who would like to have their own business with only a small investment needed to get into a very interesting field of work.

We are currently looking for Area Distributors in your area. A Dealership would cost $7,500 -$10,000 based on a population density of 500,000 people for most metropolitan areas and the surrounding areas of the County. This fee covers an. initial supply of our anti-slip chemicals (we have three different formulas- Tile, Bathtub, and Concrete). You will have access to our offices for the first year, during normal business hours, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PDT for technical assistance via an 800 #. The fee also covers the cost of training, which would be conducted at your business location for up to five days. You can utilize this time to have our trainer go out on sales calls, demonstrations, presentation in front of interested groups, or actual installations. The hotel, airfare, meals and. the like are covered by the fee. You will also have access to brochures, letters of reference, references and corporate contacts appropriate to your area.

International Distributorships available!

We are looking for established companies with existing distribution channels for wide product distribution. As described above, you would have an exclusive territory, size would be determined on area of interest. We can negotiate a given region or an entire country. The fee would be determined by population density, business mix and location of major shipping channels.

Our President:

Our Company's president., Michael Thornton, is the son of a physician who had a large number of patients in care facilities, and as a young man, Mike, in order spend time with his dad, would accompany him while on his rounds of these locations. As an adult he asked his father how these folks came to be in care homes. His father responded by saying that because of an accident in the home, many times a slip-fall, they became injured to the point that they could no longer care for themselves, and lacking the necessary funds for round the clock care in their home, ended up in a care facility. Mr. Thornton has made a very serious commitment to proactively addressing this issue. It is his motivation to prevent as many accidents as possible through the services we provide.

Superior product quality yields best results!

This treatment meets or exceeds ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and O.S.H.A. Guidelines.
Qualifies for IRS Tax Deduction and/or Tax Credit U.S. only.

We have included information regarding the A.D.A. tax credit to show you that our treatment, by virtue of it's end result, is superior to other alternatives. This treatment qualifies for the A.D.A. tax credit (of up to $5,000 depending on the cost of the installation) since it removes barriers to the handicapped without creating new ones in their place. Businesses who grossed less than $1,000,000 last year and/or had 30 or fewer full time employees may apply for the credit. We'll supply you with the proper form.

For more information please E-Mail me.

Thank you,   Mike Thornton

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